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ETTI History

Enterprises Trenchless Technology, Inc. was founded by James W. Kelly in 1995, who has been involved with electrical contracting, high voltage overhead and underground utility work, and general construction for over 44 years.

His son, Scott Kelly, has been responsible for the company’s operations since 1996.

President – Scott W. Kelly - has 25 years of experience in the utility / construction industry. His expertise includes all aspects of the directional drilling field, estimation, and utility construction. Scott has completed over 3,000 bores in the past 18 years. Scott is also the founder of the “Northeast Trenchless Association” and sits on the board of directors for Venture Maine.


Semi Retired – Bruce M. Hubbard  has 44 years of experience in the construction and utilities industry with extensive background in construction related activities, project management and HDD estimating. Bruce was the 2008 president of the Northeast Trenchless Association, Inc.



DSC_0011 cropControllerSteve Barker -  – With over 28 years’ experience (including 10 in the construction industry), Steve brings a vast knowledge and understanding to the ETTI team. Steve graduated with an MBA from Husson College in Portland, Maine.






ETTI Timeline

1995 - Jim Kelly’s Vision and Development of ETTI
1996 - 2 Employees and 42 Installations- Installed 6,100 ‘ of pipe- Utilized all of EE’s Equipment to Operate
1997 - Bought ETTI’s first truck, used out of Canada
1998 - Developed agreement with NEUCO to do all HDD work- 50% of the work was out of the state in MA and NH
1999 - Hired 3rd full-time employee
2000 - Trenchless Project of the year finalist in Trenchless Technology Magazine- Bought the 4020 drill rig- Did longest drill of 750′

- Hired 4th full-time employee

2001 - Increased our sales over 400% since 1996
2002 - Doubled our longest drill job at 1,250′ (2 runs of 8″ pipe)
2003 - Hired 5th full-time employee- Received our first Build Maine Award from AGC
2004 - Nearly doubled our sales since 2002
2005 - 6 full-time employees- Purchased our first 8020 drill- Invested nearly 1 million dollars in equipment
2006 - 8 full-time employees-Started natural gas division- Received 2nd Build Maine Award from AGC
2007 - 13 full-time employees – doubled in 2 years
2008 - 14 full-time employees- Purchase of our first Vermeer drill- New 24,000 sq ft facility
2009 - 16 full-time employees- Largest sales year in our history
2010 - Our first safety seminar with over 400 people- Connected Freeport and Pownal, Maine to Natural Gas with over 8,000′ of pipe- Started the ETTI Wellness Program including the addition of a gym at the ETTI Facility

- Received our 3rd Build Maine Award from AGC

2011  - Received our 4th Build Maine Award from AGC
2012   - Reached 250,000 Hours Worked without a Loss-Time Injury- 25 Full-Time Employees- Nominated for National Contractor of the Year(1 of 12 Nominated by Equipment World Magazine and Caterpillar Equipment)
2013  - Achieved 2013 National Contractor of the Year by Equipment World Magazine and Caterpillar Equipment- Reached 300,000 Hours Worked without a Loss-Time Injury- 35 Full-Time Employees
2014 - Received our 5th Build Maine Award from AGC- Reached 450,000 Hours Worked without a Loss-Time Injury- 50 Full-Time Employees