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ETTI 2012 Summer Outing

Wednesday, 12 June, 2013

On August 17, 2012 ETTI Team Members went white water rafting on the Kennebec with Three Rivers.  We rented 2 of Three River’s beautiful cabins and went up the afternoon of August 16th.  Sitting around the campfire that night talking and listening to stories was almost as fun as the actual rafting the next day!

TRW 8-17-12 K102


TRW 8-17-12 K122


TRW 8-17-12 K131


TRW 8-17-12 K133

ETTI 2012 Moxie Fireworks BBQ

Wednesday, 12 June, 2013

On July 13, 2012 ETTI held a bbq for employees and their families on the same night as the annual Moxie Festival Fireworks (which can be clearly seen from ETTI’s facility in Lisbon Falls).















ETTI 2011 Employee Meet & Greet BBQ

Thursday, 19 May, 2011

On Friday, May 13, 2011, ETTI hosted a Meet & Greet BBQ for all ETTI employees and their family members.

We are proud to say that everyone attended, which gave us an opportunity to meet the family members of the new team members.

Not only was their a perfect turnout, but food was great as well! We even had S’mores over a small camp fire! Check out some of the pictures below!

Rodney, Bruce, Holly, and Bobby




 Scott Kelly making S’Mores for the kids.


 Enjoying the S’Mores!


They were a big hit!


Michelle Hoffman and her husband Tim


Enjoying the Campfire


Jake Spencer and his youngest daughter. 


 Joe Jones and his youngest daughter.


Brian Chase and his daughter.

ETTI Summer Outing 2010

Monday, 19 July, 2010

Where: Portland, ME

When: August, 28, 2010

What: Dinner at a local restaurant followed by a sunset cruise of Casco Bay.

Who: Employees and Spouses

Annual NTA Summer Outing

Tuesday, 22 June, 2010

Title: Annual NTA Summer Outing
Location: Tacoma Lakes Region, Maine
Description: The Annual NTA Summer Outing is fast approaching! Please RSVP by July 15th. Don’t forget to bring your beverages, swim wear, and a good Drill Story! Fore More information please go to www.northeasttrenchless.com
Date: 2010-08-07

Winter 2009

Saturday, 5 December, 2009

December 5, 2009 employees and their spouses gathered at the Amtrak station to board the train to Boston. For many, this was the first time on the Amtrak, which all found to be enjoyable. After arriving at the TD Bank Center a few hours later, we took a short walk to Boston Beerworks, where Blueberry Beer was the infamous drink that accompanied most everyone’s meal.

After an enjoyable and entertaining dinner, we found ourselves headed back to the TD Bank center, where we took a few minutes to browse the Fan Store, and then headed to our Box Suite.

While awaiting the start of the game, some of us were able to tour the sports memorabilia that was located throughout the center.

We greeted the start of the game with much enthusiasm. Hooting and hollering could be heard from our box with every goal all night long; eventually cheering them on to a 7-2 win over Toronto.

Summer 2009

Thursday, 23 July, 2009

ETTI employees left the shop on the afternoon of July 23, 2009 to head up to Bingham, Maine for an ATV trip. The night consisted of playing a game that included 4 pvc pipes, 2 Frisbees, and 4 empty bottles, (Scott and Joe were the overall reigning champs) a late night dinner of spaghetti eaten around the camp fire, and then a good nights sleep in the cabin to prepare for a long day of riding. The morning of July 24, 2009 we all woke up to a cool and rainy day. After having a quick breakfast and gearing up for the trip, ETTI employees received a briefing on ATV safety and then were each assigned their own Polaris Sportsman.

The trails were wet, muddy, and rough, everything you would expect out of the wet “summer” of 2009 in Maine. But ETTI employees did not let that put a damper on the day, after all, who doesn’t love a good challenge?

The trip, consisting of a lot of fun, some teambuilding moments, tons of rain and puddles (who can resist splashing through puddles – large enough to call a trail the “Lake Road” – while riding an ATV?), and even some humorous moments in between it all – some still being brought up as inside jokes to this day – will be remembered for a long time to come.