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ETTI uses a variety of equipment for a variety of jobs. ETTI keeps on top of the developing technology, which enables them to provide cost-effective projects for the customer and a time efficient manner.

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Naples, ME 2012

In October 2012 ETTI Installed a water line under Brandy Pond in Naples, ME using Horizontal Direction Drilling. ETTI worked with Wyman & Simpson and RJ Grondin on this project which was part of the Causeway Project.

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Maine Turnpike Natural Gas Crossing Dec2012

The Unitil Gas upgrade project was a highlight project for 2012 requiring the utilization of our 17 years of directional drilling experience, partnering with exceptional subcontractors, and working with the owner to overcome the many challenges on the project. Challenges which included crossing the Maine Turnpike with a 12” steel casing, ledge ground conditions under the turnpike, crossing under an active 24” and 6” high pressure Mobil Oil line running from Portland to Bangor, wetlands abutting both sides of the Turnpike, ongoing construction of a regulator station by another subcontractor in our work zone, restricted access areas on both east and west locations, no access road to the east side of the project, and the potential loss of pressure to the east side of the Turnpike if the pipeline was not completed on schedule or temperatures dropped below 20 degrees for 2-3 days continuously.

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Milford NH 2012

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Hatcase Pond Project

Hatcase Pond is the main water supply for Brewer, ME. That is why this project had to be done with such minimal impact to the pond and it's surrounding environment. This project was awarded the 2010 Build Maine Award.

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Natural Gas 2010

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