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Markets Served

Commercial and Residential

ETTI is proud to have a team that can accommodate both large and small projects effectively and efficiently; from a small sewer line crossing under a driveway to installing multiple pipe crossings under the runway at a national airport. Our main focus is to deliver quality work and the highest level of customer service while keeping on track with the customer’s completion date.

General Contractors

ETTI works closely with General Contractors on any project to keep the scope and budget on track. Teamwork and innovation are par for any project, making sure the project is completed as efficiently as possible with minimal impact to the surrounding environment and communities.

Utility Contractors

ETTI has over a decade of experience working with utilities and utility companies, from electrical to natural gas; we have the experience to complete any underground installation safely. In addition to our experience, our crews are also certified and trained to follow strict guidelines, ensuring the project is done correctly the first time.

Water and Sewer Departments

ETTI works closely with city and state municipalities throughout New England to help install utilities as needed. Specializing in installations under roads, waterways, railroads, and other infrastructures, ETTI is a great solution for water and sewer departments due to the minimal disruption to traffic and the environment.

Irrigation Systems

ETTI has been teaming up with landscape companies, irrigation companies, golf clubs, and country clubs to help them install their irrigation systems. ETTI’s method of trenchless technology provides these companies with a solution to be able to install the water lines for their systems without having to disrupt the landscaping they have worked so hard to obtain that is also a crucial part of their industry.

Our Services

Horizontal directional drilling

HDD is a trenchless construction method that involves drilling a small pilot hole, using technology that allows the drill to be steered and tracked from the surface.

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Pipe Fusion

ETTI is your one-stop poly fusion service provider covering pipe and fittings from 1” to 36” throughout the Northeast. All crew members are McElroy certified and hold Northeast Gas Association certification for poly pipe joining.

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Vacuum Excavation

Whether it’s loosening or removing dirt and soil around utilities or removing slurry from holes, vacuum excavation has many benefits. Not only will vacuum excavation allow you to view utilities easier and remove obstructions, but it also provides a way to contain, transport, and dispose of unwanted dirt, mud, or slurry quickly and efficiently while still remaining in compliance with environmental regulations.

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ETTI’s team of professionals is certified through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) allowing us to install geothermal systems in both commercial and residential projects.

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Natural Gas Contracting

In 2006, ETTI opened a utility services division to provide open trench construction in addition to our trenchless services. ETTI holds the master contract to install all main line and services for Maine Natural Gas as well as Bangor Gas.

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