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Horizontal directional drilling

HDD is a trenchless construction method that involves drilling a small pilot hole, using technology that allows the drill to be steered and tracked from the surface. The pilot bore is launched from the surface at an angle between 8 and 20 degrees to the horizontal, and transitions to horizontal as the required depth is reached. A bore path of very gradual curvature or near-straight alignment is normally followed to minimize friction and to stay within the allowable joint deflection and the allowable curve radius for the pipe.

ETTI offers their HDD services throughout New England and the northeast. Our industry leading team has the experience, training, and safety record to deliver completed projects on-time and on budget to satisfied clients. We also offer cutting edge equipment, technology, and skills to help complete any job we take on, regardless of the size or scope of work.

Pipe Fusion

ETTI is your one-stop poly fusion service provider covering pipe and fittings from 1” to 36” throughout the Northeast. All crew members are McElroy certified and hold Northeast Gas Association certification for poly pipe joining. ETTI crews have logged in over 630,000’ of poly pipe joining in the past 16 years on more than 2,300 projects without a single reported leak in the system. We pledge to provide the most skilled workforce in the industry with strict guidelines for quality and safety.

Vacuum excavation

Whether it’s loosening or removing dirt and soil around utilities or removing slurry from holes, vacuum excavation has many benefits. Not only will vacuum excavation allow you to view utilities easier and remove obstructions, but it also provides a way to contain, transport, and dispose of unwanted dirt, mud, or slurry quickly and efficiently while still remaining in compliance with environmental regulations. ETTI has two of the units on its’ fleet – a 500 gallon capacity unit and an 800 gallon capacity unit. With our highly experience team, we can provide not only a minimally invasive service that requires a much smaller hole than traditional services, it also improves safety and convenience for the crews on the job site.


ETTI’s team of professionals is certified through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) allowing us to install geothermal systems in both commercial and residential projects. Geothermal is a proven technology that is more reliable and has a smaller environmental impact over more traditional sources. Not only does geothermal provide a 25-50% savings on your utility bill but its’ typical payback period is only 5-8 years!

Natural gas contracting

In 2006, ETTI opened a utility services division to provide open trench construction in addition to our trenchless services. ETTI holds the master contract to install all main line and services for Maine Natural Gas. All crew members are certified through the Northeast Gas Association for pipe joining and all Operator Qualification training and testing. Combining our trenchless services with highly skilled trenching crews has produced superior results to the public, our clients and overall project completion schedules.